Dutt FrankTea (DFT) is kind of a mix between a takeaway restaurant and a cloud kitchen. It will resemble a cloud kitchen business model for the most part but will also have a storefront tie up with leading multiplexes and malls in India and UAE.

DFT storefront will allow customers to walk in and see how their food is prepared, should they ever want to.

In essence, our model utilizes all the operational efficiencies of a cloud kitchen business model but also has a “real” window with customers at multiplexes and malls.

Our cloud kitchens will be based on data intelligence such as popular cuisines and area wise demographics.

The idea here is to address the demand for the most ordered cuisine/ dishes like Rolls, Biryani and Chinese starting with metro cities and further expansion to Tier 1& 2 cities and International Markets like Dubai and Middle East.

Our business model will position the separate brands as their own individual establishments. And having a single shared kitchen keeps operational costs low. We will have specialized cuisine-based cloud restaurants, owned by the same mother brand, sharing the same kitchen.